Ok the title of this blog may have you wondering what in the heck is she talking about. Sharon's beautiful birthday shoot took place at Sweetwater Creek Park. The location of the shoot was peaceful and angelic. A lot transpired while waiting for Sharon to arrive like a man walking his pet bird on a leash and Girl Scouts hopping from behind trees scaring the living crap out of people. Sharon arrived looking lovely. Last year, Sharon experienced a lot of heartache. Sharon lost her best friend who she confided in, took a million pictures with and traveled with across the globe. Sharon realized that her best friend would have wanted her to continue to enjoy life, travel and take a million more pictures. Sharon booked her birthday shoot right along with her vacation. Fast forward to the killer lol! We were losing daylight so fast that by the time the shoot was over it was nighttime. We were all freaking out navigating through the woods at night. What was once a serene scene now looked like a scene from a horror movie. We laughed and joked about the killer watching us but deep down I believed we all thought it was possible. Lol Hey we made it out!! Here are a few pictures from Sharon's birthday shoot including the bird on a leash. Until next time!

Oh yes, the bird on the leash featuring my bFF Crystal :)